Many of us go to work every day not just to support our families now, but to build assets, our nest egg, for retirement and to leave to our spouses, children, grandchildren and others.  Preserving what you have worked so hard to build to share with loved ones and family is an important goal.  Making sure that the fruits of our efforts will be available to support others when we are gone is something to be done lovingly, intentionally and with foresight and planning.  Penfield works to meet our clients where they are in life and then help then to plan for their next chapters.  We build long lasting relationships with clients and their families.  No estate plan is too difficult to craft and we take pride in working with our clients to make sure our services are affordable.  Working weekends and evenings is not new to Penfield and has been part of his commitment to his clients for nearly forty years. 

Penfield’s work on your behalf is structured, organized and crafted to meet your unique needs and strengths.  Just as your family is your partner in life, Penfield works to include your family, as appropriate, to play a role in the process of developing your estate plan.  None of us knows what happens next, so Penfield helps our clients hope for the best and plan for the worst with a focus on flexibility at all times and in all ways. 

We will help you create a “Life Plan” (also referred to as a long-term care or life care plan) that focuses first on you and your family’s values.  This is then interwoven into a legal structure that also intentionally and purposefully blends the financial and relationship components that surround human life experiences.  As part of this process we will encourage you to create a legacy statement, or love message, so that family members and friends are guided and comforted when their loved ones are gone.  We provide counsel in the areas of Elder Law, Special Needs Planning, Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Trust Administration.