Coronavirus.  It has changed our world and our country in a way most of us have never seen before.  Thousands are infected around the world and the only certainty is that the numbers of the infected will grow exponentially.  Infected or not, we are all affected.  Travel restrictions are in effect.  The stock markets are in freefall.  Stores are being stripped bare while people panic and buy as if waiting out a medieval siege.  It is instead a medical siege. 

Governor Polis issued Executive Order 2020-003:  Declaring a Disaster Emergency Due to the Presence of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Colorado, and several additions and amendments that you can find at  We are under a state-wide stay home order until at least April 11th

We are coming together as a community to keep ourselves and our communities safe.  We must stay at home and practice social distancing to slow the spread of the disease and keep us as safe as possible.  We must wash our hands several times a day.  Use sanitizer and keep our work and living spaces as clean as possible. 

At Tate Law, we are being responsible by working remotely and using video conferencing applications and tools as frequently as possible to serve our clients.  Governments at every level are encouraging people to work remotely.  For our own protection, we are all exercising social distancing.  People are being encouraged to self-quarantine, infected or not.  None of us are immune.  Movie stars, political figures, rich and poor.  We all are at risk.

Neighbors are helping neighbors – and especially the most vulnerable among us, seniors, those with health issues and children.  Grocery stores have set up special shopping hours for seniors and medically frail customers.  Restaurants are limited to carry-out or delivery options.  And, many of us are spending more time with our families, albeit in very close quarters.  Patience, persistence and diligence will get us through this.  Follow the advice of the medical and science experts and protect yourself.  We at Tate Law remain ready and able to assist with your needs.  Call or email us.