A couple came to the firm needing to update the husband’s will and create a will for the wife.  The couple were each on their second marriage and had four children, one jointly, and one with significant special needs.  We listened to their entire situation and obtained an understanding of their desire to be comfortable and still ensure they were supporting their kids to the maximum extent possible.  We reviewed a variety of documents.  And then we crafted a plan with a family trust, that included a special needs trust, to:  provide for the couple during their lives; give the couple flexibility in how they provided for the children during their lives; keep assets out of probate;  structure a system to provide for the children once the parents had passed; and, established a mechanism to support the child with special needs without creating a financial impediment to the child continuing to receive needed public programmatic and financial support.  The plan we crafted for the family met their personal, financial, emotional  and spiritual goals.